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My name is Thandiwe (ton-dee-wear [with a silent ‘r’]). Twenty-six. Totally sold out for Jesus. Self proclaimed talk-a lot. I live in Durban, South Africa where I work as a graphic designer. I’m a lover of all things colourful.



  1. Hi, just browsing through some South African blogs, and came across yours. Popped in to say hi, and see if you're actively blogging still. It's also great to see that there is a blogging community in South Africa, although it's relatively quiet. Pop in on my blog even if it's to say hi, and possibly add links to each others blog and try to revive the SA blogging industry a bit. My site : http://www.denzilcrad.blogspot.com

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanx I've been a bit quiet due to my studying schedule. I shall do so. I'm sure you'll find there are many exciting South African blogs around.