Monday, 2 September 2013

Staying positive

Hey Peeps,

I'm at my midnight blogging tendencies again, I guess for me it’s the perfect time when my mind is quiet and I can reflect properly without the city buzzing noise. This just happens to be my study break so I’d like to take a moment away from my books for a bit and just write what’s on my mind.

I like to write about stuff that I can relate to and basically everything I write about here on this blog is something I’ve been through or something that I’m currently going through. I enjoy writing my thoughts and scriptures that speak to me personally. I by no means have all the answers but I often find it fascinating how when I write about something from my heart it just gives me more perspective and encouragement in my own life. I ultimately write to remind myself who God is to me mainly, and in so doing I hope in the process when you read my posts that you can draw something that can help you in one way or another.

Lately I’ve been very immersed in my studies like never before, I sleep at ridiculous hours regularly but by the grace of God my body is carrying me and I don’t tire out easily. Sometimes though I exhaust my body and don’t replenish the lost nutrients, with proper food. Because of the hours I spend working I end up having very little human interaction, which I thrive on. I love connecting with people. By the time I get home it’s past midnight.  This combined with my worn out body leaves me feeling very dry and drained. Sometimes I get home and just throw myself in bed feeling so sad and sorry for myself. This is not common for my high spirited, fun-loving, laughter filled, lively personality. 

I figured I couldn’t live like that so I’ve taken some interventions that I’ve started and continue to implement in my life as solutions:

1)     Take time to spend with God- Because I’m always on the run, by the time I decide I’m going to pray I’m ready to pass out. For me the best time to wake up is really early, consistently, at the same time everyday, no matter how late I’ve slept commit that time to reading Gods Word, conversing and allow God to talk to me. That refreshes my mind, body and Spirit.
2)     Step away from your negative space – Think about how you can help someone else around you. Helping others encourages you.
3)     Find your happy place – When its busy it’s hard to collect your thoughts. Turn off the TV, the radio, and social networks, take a walk and think positively, rationalise why you feel how you feel, try finding a solution.
4)     Decide how to step out – Make a plan in hope and faith that will work for your situation.
5)     Realise it’s not forever – Remind yourself that the situation you’re in isn’t going to last forever, there is potential for you to learn from it. You have to be strong, find joy and strength in the fact that you know that what will come will be better than the past and there will be opportunities that will come because of where you are today.

I hope sharing my experience has helped you. 

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