Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lula bug

I was blog-hopping and came across a particular paragraph from a post titled; Blog what-what, about This piece stood out to me and kind of echoed what I was thinking but of course worded in better English by a friend, high school mate and fellow sister in he Lord, Lula Hlatshwayo. Boy, I thought I could waffle but after reading her blog, Lula takes the prize. Nazzo!

"...That being said Galatians 6: 11-18 has made me think about my own sense of self-righteousness and cautious not to think highly of myself even if I "preach" for lack of a better word. I.e. it once again has reminded me that all the praise that I give to God in this blog should not only be about me wanting to be recognized and reputed as a God fearing woman. No! Not that only or even first. It should be about me wanting to lift Jesus and God higher because life and glory for that matter now should and can no longer be about me. Everything that happens in my life now, well especially the good is from and about giving glory to the one that has made it possible; GOD in the name of JESUS. Oh and I said especially the good because perhaps there is cause to argue that the Lord sometimes allows bad things to happen in our lives so that we can trust him more, I mean He even let a bad things happen to Jesus , he was crucified on a cross, and dead for three days. But it was all for His glory, hence he rose Jesus from the dead."

Check out Lula's fashion blog here.

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  1. Thandie! And all along, you have this super cool blog yourself :) I will be visiting on a regular basis :)